Posted by: Steve J. Moore | February 5, 2009

Repost: Free and Easy Online Photo Editors Any Teacher Can Use

This post is from Making Teachers Nerdy

Today I’m offering some great free online photo editors. Though there are a heap of editors online that do very advanced Photoshop like enhancements, today I’m sharing for of the easiest and most intuitive tools available. Even if you are a novice to photo editing, these are great tools for you too. The images used with these tools come from a travel buddy project I helped manage a couple of years ago. I’ll be writing on travel buddy projects next week.

If you want to use your digital photos on classroom wikis or blogs, you will need to know a bit about image sizing and pixels. For websites, I recommend 320×240. It’s a nice 4 inch image that won’t take too much space yet it is easy to view. This image size conversion calculator will give you a good visual on image sizes in a web space. If you click the preview button, you will see how large the image will be on a website.

If you are simply wanting to resize an image to send as an email attachment, I suggest 640×480.  That prevents folks from having to scroll to the right and down three times in order to see the image.  Am I the only one who gets frustrated with those?  🙂

Here we go:

  • FotoFlexer offers many photo enhancements making this one of the most fun tools on the web. You can even copy a section, move it to another location, and change its color. There are photo borders, glitter text, layers, and even the ability to free hand crop an image out to place in another image (located in the “Geek” tab. One of my favorite features is the ability to pixelate a face so if you have a student whose image should not be on the web, you can blur the face out. There is a wonderful tutorial video at this site, as well. Also know that these images do work with Picasa, Flickr, and more.

    FotoFlexer_Photo FotoFlexer_Photo2

  • Picnik is very similar to FotoFlexer except Picnik offers an amazing set of special effect filters, frames, and more. This is a great tool, and you will find yourself spending a lot of time in here playing around. I did.

    picnic1 picnic3 picnic4

  • Pixenate is a great editor that allows you to do the basics of crop, rotate, red-eye, but also allows you to whiten teeth, straighten off center images, resize easily, and edit just sections of the photo if desired. Your photos can be loaded into Flickr once completed. Truly it is a great and easy tool.

    pixenate 2 pixenate

  • is another easy tool. Again there is no registration required, and this tool does the down and dirty basic editing. There are a few special effects, and the resizing tool is very easy to use. This would be a great tool for students to use, as well.

    pixer2 pixer

For a download option, my favorite tool is Google’s Picasa. By far, it is the easiest tool for you and your students. You can even create scrapbook like photo collages. I will post another article on some digital photo project ideas with Picasa soon.

Wedderburn by you.


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