Posted by: Steve J. Moore | May 8, 2008

Openers: What is in a Name and What is Different? By Megan Tucker

Forum: Openers
Date: Mon Apr 28 2008 19:49
Author: Tucker, Megan <>
Subject: What is the same and what is different?

My opener was about having students practice writing in detail. I would have 4 or 5 objects that were all similar in some way, but also had their own characteristics. I used paper as my commonality and chose to use magazine, newspaper, cardstock, and notebook paper. The student’s job is to write a description of one of those objects by using characteristics of that object, instead of using the common name for that object. This allows students to get more practice with being more descriptive and detailed with their writing so that their readers will understand exactly what the student is trying to say.

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