Posted by: Steve J. Moore | May 8, 2008

Openers: Waiting Room, by Stan Porter

Forum: Openers
Date: Tue Feb 05 2008 18:38
Author: Porter, Stan <>
Subject: Perspective

This mini-lesson on perspective is invaluable to learning who your students are on the first day of class. It will help you determine who your clowns are, your creative geniuses and your shy ones. You can use this information to help split your class into later group activities.

Some of the perspectives covered using the short story are: Asian Man, Asian male bystander, Asian female bystander, American female bystander, American male bystander, the magazine and the couch.

Students should draw their new perspectives using facts from the story to support the inferences they make about their characters atiitudes, beliefs and dialogue.

I had trouble attaching the story and worksheet I made, so I will be emailing it to all in class. Enjoy and have fun with it!

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