Posted by: Steve J. Moore | May 8, 2008

Openers: Poetry Opener, by Valerie Goodpaster

Forum: Openers
Date: Wed Feb 27 2008 21:39
Author: Goodpaster, Valerie <>
Subject: Valerie’s Opener

Poetry Opener

A version of a think aloud, this is a good way to get students thinking about poetry, look at perspective, discovering reasoning and collaborating with their peers.

What you do…

Cut up a students poem by stanzas then by lines

Split class into groups

Give each group a section of the poem – don’t give them the title

Allow time for them to go through the lines and decide what order they should go in and have them make a prediction of the meaning of the poem

Have groups share their stanza and prediction/reasoning with the class

As a class determine order of stanza and why

Look at why the class arranged the poem the way they did

Have the student author talk about why the poem is written the way it is and see if there is anything they might change after seeing someone else’s perspective

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