Posted by: Steve J. Moore | May 8, 2008

Openers: Classroom Design by Stacy Kempker

Forum: Openers
Date: Tue Feb 12 2008 22:25
Author: Kempker, Stacy
Attachment: Opener.doc (106496 bytes)
Subject: Classroom Design

Although we have had some great ideas for openers regarding mini-lessons and opening activities, I decided to focus my opener around something that would be important to any teacher: classroom design. I know this topic isn’t interesting or exciting to everyone…or anyone, but it is still an important topic that all future teachers will incorporate into their classroom.

I have created a handout full of tips and ideas that you may find helpful when decorating your classroom. I chose to focus on decorations, color choices, room arrangements, and a couple miscellaneous topics that will jazz up any classroom. I found many of these suggestions on the internet and have included a list of sources that will be helpful. Although some of the ideas are common knowledge, I thought that it would still help to keep them on the handout so that you could reference them. As a beginning teacher, we can stress out about the small things, and I hope this handout of reminders will reduce a little bit of that stress! There are some more uncommon things such as the questionnaire box, classroom themes, and color choices that I hope you find helpful and informative.

Hopefully you will find this handout useful and keep it for future reference when you are decorating your first classroom!

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