Posted by: Steve J. Moore | January 22, 2008

Hi Everyone!

I made this blog as a place to share ideas and materials. If you would like to be made an author and contribute useful pieces of work (lesson plans, favorite reads for class, etc) then shoot me an email at English teachers need to stick together, share resources, stories, so we can try to improve what we do in the classroom. For my first post, I have added links to resources on my Google Docs for my English 520 class at Missouri State. If you are interested I also have a blog project online here if you are interested in using blogging yourself or in your classroom as a project.

As promised, here are the links to my poem, the worksheet, as well as the Billy Collins piece:

Lesson Plan


My Poem


I have scanned the M.H. Abram’s page on freeverse, but you should look into adding the whole book to your personal library ASAP! It is chock-full of useful terms no teacher should be without complete answers to (use this instead of Wikipedia).

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